Signup / Renewal

SDRIMS Chapter Associate Membership

  • $210 Dues for two members ( New )

  • $185  Dues for two members ( Renewal )

  • $25 for Each additional member

Associate members may join the local chapter only and pay local chapter dues.

If this option is chosen, the associate member does not receive the benefits of National membership including RIMS National publications and access to the Members Only areas of the RIMS National website.

Form Instructions

Membership Type

  • Select a Membership Level
    Use the option menu to make your selection
  • Add the Primary Details
  • Add the Secondary Details
  • Add any Associate Details
    ( *adding associates tab )
  • Click “add Associate” checkbox.
    ( opens the associate entry area )
  • Click “Add this new member” checkbox
    ( this will confirm the entry and add $25 to the total )
  • Enter the Associate’s name

Select the Membership Level -- Renewal or New

Primary Contact Details

Membership Amount Due: