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Org / Professional Member

An Organization represented by an individual responsible for the internal risk management function for his/her employer. The annual Society dues allows for two (2) professional members per company, additional professional members can be added at an additional cost.

All RIMS members (Professional and Associate) must belong to a local chapter and are required to pay local chapter dues. Eligibility requirements are set forth in the RIMS Constitution and bylaws and the Constitution and bylaws of each chapter.

For more information or to become a member, visit the here

NOTE: Local chapters cannot make changes to Professional members for member Organizations. Existing member Organizations desiring to add and/or substitute new Professional members must contact RIMS Client Services Team at You may also call RIMS at (212) 286-9292 and select Option 1 for RIMS Client Services Team.

Associate of the Society

An Individual who is not eligible to be a representative under organizational membership. This includes individuals who work for brokers, insurers, TPA’s and other solution providers. Associates of the Society may not vote, may not hold office, must be an Associate of a local chapter, unless disapproved by the chapter, and are afforded the privileges of RIMS membership, unless otherwise specified.

For a detailed explanation of eligibility requirements, information on all classes of membership in RIMS, and information on how to join RIMS, visit the RIMS society.

San Diego RIMS Chapter Associate

Associate members may join the local chapter only and pay local chapter dues. This provides access to Chapter (local) benefits only. Update your contact information by emailing

Categories & Dues
  • $210 Dues for two members ( New )
  • $185 Dues for two members ( Renewal )
  • $25 for each additional member of the same organization
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